Miss N

They are gorgeous. They make me want to hug myself.

The Story

What was your first reaction to the project?
It is not everyday you get asked to do a nude shoot, so I was between falling off my chair in disbelief and laughing out loud by the sheer craziness of this idea. It took me a full day of mulling over the idea to decide to do this – the nerves and craziness really meets half way.

Why did you decide to take part?
Firstly to see if I have the guts to do this, and secondly, it is a really empowering secret to have – I told no one I was going to do this – and if I can take off my clothes and let someone photograph my booty with all its flabulousness, I can do pretty much anything.

What about your body are you most comfortable with?
My boobies – they have never ever disappointed me in any situation

What are you most uncomfortable with?
I think my arms – I wave at someone and they wave along.

Can you describe the experience – did you enjoy it?
I expected it to be awkward, but it wasn’t at all. You don’t realise that you are not wearing any clothes, Quintin does a splendid job at making you feel at ease. I had a ball, I can recommend this to anyone. And I knew Quintin would be looking for the beauty in my flabulousness, and he really found it.

Are you happy with the pictures?
They are gorgeous. They make me want to hug myself.

Did anything change with regards how you see your body or yourself?
The pictures are so pretty – now that I look at them I ask the question – would they have been so pretty if I were stereotypically thin? No they wouldn’t have been. There are such pretty lines and curves on my body, and if others don’t see it that way, it is their loss.

Thank you so much for doing this Quintin, you are allowing women to discover their own flabulousness and to carry it with pride.

The Pictures