About the Imperfect Project

I started this project to produce beautiful photographs of women of all shapes and sizes, young or old, big or small, with tattoos and scars, those who love their body and those who really don’t.

The Imperfect Project is a nude project, with the idea being to provide women with an opportunity to challenge themselves, end a period of self doubt or recrimination and to experience something that would make them feel empowered and ready to take on the world. A new beginning..

There has always been pressure for women to look amazing all the time and for some it is too much. Whether its their tummy, their legs, a wrinkle or two, it often leads to hiding behind layers of clothing and eventually hating everything about their body.

Unfortunately I hear this from women who range from a size 2 to a size 14 – they all have something about their body that they feel could be improved. At the same time I have also met the most confident go-getters who are really curvy and would jump at the chance of having a nude portrait.

The women who thought they would never even consider a nude portrait are looking at the images and realizing that it is not about the body, but about the courage to take the first step to loving or at the very least accepting their body and realising that they are also beautiful.

Some choose to hide their identity, their faces and body hidden by arms and legs or the lighting style.
Others are on the fence, choosing to show more of their body with or without their faces being shown. Then there are those who just rock their curves.

Everyone has shown such strength and courage, they are all amazing, strong, inspiration and most of all, beautiful women!

The imperfect project is not about nudity, it’s not about bums and boobs. It’s about creating an image that could bring them to tears.
Either for the effort it took to get there or for the realization that their body is not as bad as they thought it was.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you can go from thinking ”imperfect” and start believing ”I’m perfect”!